Productos Químicos Industriales de Puebla S.A. De C.V. Was born on July 30, 1986 and since then we have focused on providing solutions through technological, logistics and market innovation.


We are a company committed to the growth, well-being, safety and health of our clients, through the development of sustainable chemical specialties; Through innovative formulas, processes and applications, we generate value throughout the production chain.


We satisfy the requirements of our clients with products and services that guarantee optimal and continuous quality at the lowest possible cost. Likewise, we work to guarantee that the manufacturing and distribution processes of our products are based on the protection of the environment and comply with all applicable legislation, through measurements that allow us to achieve continuous improvement and sustainable growth.


Our business units are:

Chemicals; Plastics; Personal and Institutional Care; Lubricants; Textiles and Leather; Coatings and Inks.

PROQUIPUSA Produces and distributes additives for the plastics industry in various sectors:


Packaging Household Items Coatings Automotive Agroindustry Maquilas Construction Electronics

We produce and distribute:


  •  Antioxidants
  •  UV stabilizers and absorbers
  •  Flame retardants
  •  Process aids
  •  Antistatic
  •  Anti-fog additivesa
  •  Antibacteriales
  •  Corrosion inhibitors
  •  Antiscratch
  •  Optical brighteners
  •  Sparkling
  •  Clarifying / nucleating agents
  •  Sliders
  •  Anti scratch agents
  •  Anti-blockers
  •  Additives for recycling




Achieve total customer satisfaction with the required quality, at competitive prices, encouraging our staff to work effectively in all processes.


Offer solutions to the specific needs of our customers through developments in chemical specialties.


Collaborate with the economic development of the area and the state through the generation of jobs, added value, care for the environment and innovation in our products.




To be the best supplier and developer of chemical specialties in the central area of ​​the country. To be a competitive company in the market of detergents and cosmetics (products of vegetable origin) in the national market. To be a company whose entire production processes are sustainable.